Best Crowdfunding Websites to Watch in 2017

best crowdfunding websites

Funding is an obvious method of providing money or monetary solutions by any organization. Crowdfunding is a practice to generate money to fight any cause, lift up social, economic or political circumstance or this can more likely be a start-up to execute the goals set by the entrepreneurs by raising money from the people. The money generates from the joint effort of people- the family, friends, colleagues, customers and many angel investors are the ones who are looked for helping the cause. Crowd funding is basically carried to perform the execution of plans while the company and the investors get benefitted over time with their collective effort. Many crowdfunding websites also run to fight some of the challenges of life that people face like the treatment of a chronic disease, accidents, helping a segment of minors or oppressed and much more.

List of Top Crowdfunding Websites

There are strings of websites that appear if you search for on the internet but, we present a list of our chosen ones- the crowdfunding websites that are worth to watch in 2017.

1. GoFundMe

GoFundMe is a crowd-funding platform that stacks up collective funding from the investors to fight for several socio-political challenges, a range of illnesses and carry out the execution of many projects. They are the leading fund generator of the game as they have piled over $ 3 billion of funds. They are ranked 329 in the US Alexa Ranking and this suggests that they have a hoard of customers built over trust for long years. The website also collects funds for celebrations and tosses pragmatic campaigns to generate medical funds.

2. Kickstarter

KickStarter has acquired a bond with their clients as the platform has pulled greater than 80,000 projects and got funds from a cult supporters. The platform provides funding for many projects related to art, music, photography, comic and others. One surprising fact of Kickstarter is that they have clinched huge support from over 300,000 people who have repeatedly funded for more than 10 projects. And those who endorse Kickstarters are provided with added incentives and awards. No personal fundraising is entertained while the company’s policies revolve around creative projects only.

3. Indiegogo

Starting in 2007, Indiegogo is among the ones who came up first with their ideas of crowd-funding. The success rate of the platform can be measured by a range of investors who visit the website very often. The site that generates money for execution of ideas, making charity, investments in a start-up and financing different goals boast a monthly visit of around 15 million people. They are also among the websites who empower people to help for a cause.

4. AngelList

Angellist broadcasts themselves as the world where start-ups meet and they have lived up to their brand as they are among the top crowd-funding platform for the start-up to meet the incubators, investors, and clients. The people who take part in funding via Angellist are also offered with the stakes in exchange. It was founded basically for tech start-ups that needed seed finding. The website charges no fee from the angel investors who like to raise money for the execution of many ideas.

5. Teespring

Teespring was founded in 2011 to streamline the process of selling customized T-Shirts. The top platform for custom apparel is head-quartered at San Juan. Teespring allows the users to design an apparel and set a price for it. The users are encouraged to set the goals and start selling the product while Teespring performs all the shipping, production and customer services further. The users are awarded the segments of the profits acquired by selling the product. There is varied range of fees that are based on T-shirts that are sold.

6. CircleUp

CircleUp is known for their top-flight services where innovative ideas meet accredited investors. They raise funds for individual and many retail companies while boasting an annual revenue of $ 500,000. Private equity investors evaluate the companies before signing them in for the process. The company has also shown up in CNBC’s Squawk Box.

7. Patreon

Founded in 2013, Patreon has complied perfectly for the creative works. They have found their piece of crowds from a range of artists, musicians, creative workers, largely benefitting from the youtube contents. The artists are allowed to earn from their aesthetic works that attract traffic based on the piece of art as they get the funding from their patrons and fans. The company has generated around $ 2.1 million in their starting year before stacking up $ 15 million in 2015. As they have registered huge acclaims from the artists all over the world, they boast over 125,000 patrons and $ 47 million revenues in 2016.

8. YouCaring

YouCaring is a website for crowd-funding particularly extending their services for several personal and charitable causes. Headquartered in the US, YouCaring boasts impressive lists of customers who wish to raise funds for certain personal expenses like medical bills, education bills, adoption or funeral expenses. The website is allowed for free for the users, though YouCaring charges 3% of fees of donation as their usual charge. They are known for the facility of user-friendly services and minimal fees.

9. CrowdCube

CrowdCube has a leading space for crowd-funding and investment platform. The company was launched in the UK in 2011 and has largely been shaped as a second choice to the banks- it is also used for venture capital funding and plays as a perfect place for the start-ups to meet their angel investors. The company owns a whopping 50% share in the 245 Million British Pounds in the UK Equity Crowd-funding Market. It has acted as a dominant force in financing a business.

10. Appbackr

Softwares and applications have flown in the market for easing out several ways for the people. The digital revolution in the developing countries has witnessed an immensely gigantic surge in the developments of applications and APPBACKR, as a crowd-funding platform has done a tremendous job to assist the developers in raising funds for their development projects. The essentiality of an application to the people earns an index and APPBACKR manages it. The developers just need to post their application after signing on the website.

11. GiveForward

GiveForward, established in 2008, was once referred to as ‘the future of medical fundraising in the internet age’ – and has been lived up to their name by providing online fundraising tool and services to the people. With GiveForward, a user can easily donate funds for a variety of cause ranging from paying the medical bills of your dear ones to the monetary assistance in the newly formed start-ups. The website is a proven benefactor as in 2009, two sisters had used the services of the website to pay $ 32,000 for one sister’s kidney transplant. They charge almost same as the major crowd-funding websites and perform their services seamlessly.

12. CrowdRise

Headquartered in Detroit, US, Crowdrise has been successfully using the crowd-sourcing for several charitable projects and donations, personal expenses, and other uses. The website boasts over one and a half million charities and the users are granted an instant access to the services with a streamlined channel. The website has some previous trusting records of assisting people in the cure of rare cancer called PPB, donating Syrian refugees so that they can purchase a car and allowing access to wildlife charity funds over the years. It is the most extended website that fulfills all the requirements linked to raising funds.

13. AlumniFunder

Development only comes when the acquired knowledge is used to carry out practical projects. Risky projects often scratch the minds of the researchers but the end result is always fruitful and that’s what ALUMNIFUNDER believes. The website helps to make deeper connections among the students and the alumni so that the students can be availed with the required funds needed for their project from their alumni who like to invest on their project. The website holds college community and has been executing successful completion of projects in many domains. The website is also linked to all major social media platforms.

14. DonorsChoose

DonorsChoose is an organization where users are allowed to donate directly to public school classroom projects- headquartered in New York City, it has been serving as a great non-profit organization where students can access immense facilities in the classroom programs. The donors pay for the projects that interest them while buys essential stuff required to the students and present before them. The company’s revenues are in around $ 78 million.

15. Kiva

Kiva was founded in 2005 for the focus to alleviate poverty and poor life standards.The wealthy classes are availed with an option to provide credit to the poorer, weaker or needy sections where a number of resources can be maintained properly for the sustainable economic development. The money is transferred through electronic channels on the internet. Kiva has successfully launched microfinance institutions, provided loans to the students and entrepreneurs, assisted schools and other organizations and in short, maintained a healthy link with the people.

16. RocketHub

Based in New York City, RocketHub was established in 2009 in the form of an online crowdfunding platform. And since then, the company has assisted entrepreneurs, students, artists and all the needy ones alike with a willingness to do and develop. Being America’s one of the biggest crowd-funding, RocketHub is a proven stage for raising funds for projects and endeavors. It is an established platform in all major social media companies like Twitter, Facebook etc. It charges the minimal cost for processing.

17. Investedin

With Investedin, you can create your own customized crowd-funding platform to help the needy ones. If you are willing to create a channel so that funds can be made available to the different batches of the students, artists, diseased one et al, is a perfect place to start. The website provides all the tools for the necessary set up so that you can organize things in your style and grow your own channel.

18. Quirky

Crowd-funding has always supported arts and development when all the non-profiting organizations died, and Quirky is one of those places where collaboration and crowd-funding have helped people come out from debts. If you are a creative person or some sort of inventor, this is a website you should check in. This website will support you, finance you and gather the audience for you so that you can reach your dreams and notch success in a smarter way. As the name suggests, it empowers men with an eye for art in a cooler way.

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