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Popular Fintech Blogs and Fintech Forums to Follow in 2017

Popular Fintech Blogs and Fintech Forums to Follow in 2017

If you are willing to know more about the financial world, the new moves of the market or the latest trend in the economics and you believe that’s too hard and complex to get, you are highly mistaken.

There are certain insightful analyses that are always present on the web that will help you out in different market crisis.This is an article about the Popular Fintech Blogs and Fintech Forums to Follow in 2017 to have a regular update on fintech industry.

The world runs on an equal balance where a lot of beautiful thoughts break out of their closet on a single platform. You can just smile and keep learn those ideas.

No doubt, there are numerous substandard contents present in the market that can misguide you to the infinity.But you need not worry because we have compiled some useful fintech blogs and fintech forums for our readers after many levels of research.

List of Top Fintech Blogs and Forums

These are some of the most popular fintech blogs and popular fintech forums that you should follow in 2017.

Bank Innovation

Bank Innovation is certainly the ultimate spot for the ones seeking high quality and very frequent fintech industry related materials. This fintech forum is maintained by a pack of virtuosos witnessing with the financial ups and downs for years.

The forum also explains crowdsourcing, financial shifts, and many monetary solutions.

This is a fintech blog that will wisely guide you to use your money efficiently and lucratively. The forum also maintains many Question and Answers schemes for the readers.

Daily Fintech

As the name suggests, Daily Fintech has always kept aligned parallel to the financial world while covering topics like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Chatbots, XBRL and open API.

The world of digital identity is revealed finally as you move your eyes reading the superbly articulated reports of the Daily Fintech.

Authors and bloggers like Bernard Lunn, Rick Huckstep, and EFI Pylarinou are the major contributors in the fintech forum as they frequently come up with amazing counter-facts and clearances of many strategies leading to the economic transformation.

Disruptive Finance

Disruptive Finance is a personal financial technology blog maintained to give loads of insightful reports on how the latest technologies are impacting the financial world.

The forums are maintained by best-in-class researchers and bloggers who frequently pop up with their handy suggestions to many new start-ups and entrepreneurs to adapt to the latest market strategies.

The topics like “From Amazon to Uber: why invisible finance is imminent” and “I have seen the future in finance, it’s in Singapore” just offers a vivid description of the financial information curated in the forum.

The Finanser is a leading authority fintech website to follow in fintech and Digital Banking.Chris Skinner, the Chairman of the Financial Services Club is known for his amazing best-selling work, Digital Bank.

He also maintains frequent witty and perceptive analyses of the topics of finance. Skinner is also the personal blogger in, keynote speaker and an astonishing commentator highly revered in his field.

He is the author of many best-selling books like ‘The Value web’, ‘Digital Bank Strategies’, ‘The Future of Banking’, ‘The extraordinary madness’ and many others that had dealt with much mind-boggling analogy in the world of finance.

The Finance Buff

If you sit in the home and want to have perceptive and practical awareness in the fields of finance, you should immediately follow the finance buff.

This fintech blog covers major proportions in the topics like finance, credit card payments, ways to adapt and learn witty saving techniques.

Harry Sit is the one who specializes in basic fin-tech topics to help the readers seeking security measures for their accounts and lucrative methods to adopt in the financial fields. He is known for his simple and coherent reports that attract a lot of masses.

Tomorrow Transactions

Tomorrow Transactions is the forum that contains a high-quality pack of pragmatic articles that involve ripping research in many financial transformations followed by a number of reasons.

The forum covers an ocean-sized analysis on many sub-fintech topics like blockchain, crypto-currencies, history and future of finance, online and mobile payments and solutions, retail marketing, social media awareness, privacy and security and about many convincing NGOs.

The Tale of Money 2020 Vegas and Facebook, APIs and Cardmaggedon are some of the modern and whimsical reports published by Dave Birch who can highly be trusted in your business for the coming years.


Tekfin is also a leading financial advisor for the readers that deal in the anatomy of the financial trends and current market strategies.

The technology-driven market and the revolution in the digital fields have set convincing and novel patterns in the financial arena.

Tekfin has never settled in providing their readers with best of solutions and ideas for adapting to the transformations for profitable ventures ahead.

Next Money

NextMoney is one of the fast growing fintech collaboration platforms in the world which focuses on driving change in financial services through innovation, design, and entrepreneurship.

Next money is a platform built by a team of the global network of fintech innovators where the top fintech influencers  contribute their ideas and views. This is one of the best fintech websites worth reading.

Finance Magnates

Finance Magnates was Founded by Michael Greenberg in 2009. It was initially focused on the Forex B2B sphere and was known as Forex Magnates.

Finance Magnates website is an electronic trading knowledge hub on the global trading industry which offers excellent knowledge for industry professionals as well as trading savvies. is a blog by Jessica Elerm, a top-berthed fintech writer who has also provided his services for Brett King’s Breaking Banks, Bank NXT and Daily Fintech.

Elerm also works for the Australian Fintech startup, Tyro and her convincing and helpful reports on the topics of income inequality, blockchain, disruptive technological analyses or the solutions to herd profitable future have always done justice to her years-long impressive career in as the writer of the fin-tech forums. has very interesting views from Australia Fintech industry.This is definitely one fintech blog to be noticed if you want to have detailed reports on trendy topics.

The Financial Brand

The Financial Brand ,founded by Jeffry Pilcher in 2007 is targeted to bankers by keeping a strong focus on innovation.

The Financial Brand provides best insight and strategic analysis on various critical issues faced by banks and credit unions.They do the best coverage on innovation,product design,marketing, branding and retail channels. Follow this fintech site for some good innovation and sales strategies in the banking space today.


In this article we covered some of the well known fintech blogs and fintech forums which our readers can refer for up to date insightful information on fintech trends and fintech happenings.Please leave your valuable comments in the below comments section.

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