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SecurionPay Unwrapping Europe’s Best Kept Digital Payments Secret

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SecurionPay launches a new innovative feature to bring it a step closer to its intention of becoming the foremost Online Payment pioneer for European Online Business

Wollerau, CH— SecurionPay, an online payment software company based out of Switzerland has just made public their most recent technology – “Cross Sales”. This is an innovative mechanism via which online businesses will be able to increase their sales conversion rate dramatically by offering ancillary products and/or services related to their purchase, directly after customer checks out.

So if a customer buys a laptop, they might be offered various related products like an anti virus etc.

The next target on SecurionPay’s wish list is to become Europe’s version of Stripe, a payment processing platform headquartered in San Francisco, which processes payments for tons of businesses that include some popular names like Salesforce and Kickstarter.

SecurionPay’s aim is to completely transform the online payment system in Europe and do so via aiding merchants all over the region boost their conversion ratio, perk up the user-friendliness of the site, bring down shopping cart desertion among other things and overall, create a conducive environment- both for consumers and businesses.

“Provide anything short of an incomparable customer-experience or a customer-friendly navigable interface and you can be sure your customers won’t waste time moving onto better options. This is especially true if you’re working in the online retail industry today. Your bottom lines take a hit and well, nobody can afford that!” exclaimed SecurionPay Co-Founder and CEO Lucan Jankowiak. “SecurionPay has been designed as an ideal solution for e-Commerce ensuring both- value to customers while also placing the reigns of the entire shopping experience firmly in the team’s hands.”

SecurionPay enables businesses -ranging from start-ups to well established firms- process card transactions across the world. Its range is further widened owing to the fact that it recognises and translates 23 different languages and can also accept payments in about 160 different currencies. But the best feature is SecurionPay’s ability to eliminate the need for the visitors to be redirected to third party websites for payment completion. This crucial feature centralizes the entire process on a single page itself- which has the direct effect of reducing incomplete transactions dramatically.

Also, it is equally suitable for all levels of programmers, helping them to incorporate the API into the payment processing platforms effortlessly. For the novices, it offers a drag-and-drop process which is nothing short of a boon and enhances the overall user-friendliness, while the professional developers can code away to glory- adding more features to customize the experience.

Their latest addition- Cross Sales- offers more value to the online merchants and presents SecurionPay with a rare opportunity to become even better entrenched in Europe- a task which seems to be heading in the right direction as of now.

As per the company, clients currently enjoy an average conversion increase of about 20%. The Cross Sales feature, which essentially constructs offers that merchant partners can promote on their site, further helps in this. This is especially true for firms offering only limited products / services.

Asked about the time frame to bring SecurionPay to the European market, Mr Jankowiak stated, “it would no doubt be a gradual process although there is no denying the fact that online payments are all set to take out the conventional methods. The aim is to ensure you are doing it the right way. This way, your customers love you for it and at the same time your business prospers.”

For those further interested in understanding more about hot to enhance their site user experience and hence increase conversion rate, SecurionPay invites you to visit their website.

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