Blockchain Governance Service Provider Node40 Launches From Beta After a Flying Start

New York, NY – September 22, 2016 – Node40, a financial technology startup focused on governance, a rapidly growing and critical niche of blockchain technology, today announced its launch from beta. As a leading provider of “nodes,” Node40 has quickly built a significant customer base since its launch in early 2015. Growth has accelerated this year in line with the surging value of Dash, now the 7th most valuable cryptocurrency in the world by market cap. Albany-based Node40 uses an intricate network of computer hardware and software to help Dash investors turn their digital wealth into a passive revenue stream while enhancing the Dash network’s security.

Perry Woodin, Node40 Founder and CEO, explains, “With Node40, users with 1,000 Dash can hold their own private keys and easily set up a revenue-generating node in a matter of minutes. As long as a masternode is capitalized and connected to the network, every month the Dash network pays our customers directly. Our technology ensures guaranteed uptime for servers, critical to ensuring customers never miss a payment from the Dash network.”

Woodin continued, “After months of development, we’re proud to announce the deployment of a vastly improved user interface for Node40, one commensurate with our premier level of high touch service. Our customers want to power the Dash network and get rewarded without having to spend time, energy, and money overcoming technical hurdles. As a result, we have streamlined the process while also providing detailed information along the way. Node40’s new interface provides continuity with step-by-step instructions, and an improved experience for customers to manage and monitor the health and valuation of their investment.”

Node40’s new interface makes site navigation much easier, with much of the look and feel inspired by everyday online banking. Within a month, Node40 will introduce new features including Masternode Portfolio Insight. In this section, customers will be able to download monthly, quarterly, yearly, and ad-hoc reports that show the performance of their Dash portfolio.

The monthly rewards for owning a Node40 masternode vary based on the number of masternodes held on the network, but currently, the rewards average 7.7 Dash/month, while the price of using the Node40 service is presently 2.74 Dash/month. In 2016, the majority of customers reported triple digit percentage gains; for investors starting one year ago, the minimum return has been 61%.

“Hosting a masternode is an incredibly simple and valuable way to break into the burgeoning virtual currency space. While some people can actually host a masternode on their own, they run the very real risk of missing a network reward unless their server stays online 24/7. At Node40, we provide peace of mind; in the very rare instance a node we host goes offline, we have state of the art monitoring equipment to be notified immediately and rectify the issue. In the extremely unlikely event a customer misses a Dash reward, Node40 guarantees the reimbursement of that amount.”

Node40 users also have the added advantage of being able to contribute to Dash’s governance system by one-click voting on submitted network proposals, as well as paying for their monthly service in Dash.

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