10 Popular Blockchain Blogs to Follow

10 Popular Blockchain Blogs

Off late there are a number of blogs discussing the potential of Blockchain technology.This post lists out 10 most popular blockchain blogs to follow in 2017.

Conceptualized by Satoshi Nakamoto, the Blockchain technology has brought about a revolutionary change in the past decade. It was first put to use in 2009 as a core component of the digital currency, Bitcoin.

The concept of Blockchain is simplicity at its best. It allows users to effortlessly access data on a public network. It also provides a high level of security which can be attributed to its simplicity.

This technology has a wide variety of uses. In the past decade, many organizations are researching its uses and trying to figure out how to implement this technology in their day to day operations.

Popular Blockchain Blogs to Follow

Below is a list of the well-known Blockchain discussion forums and blogs

1. Coindesk

Coindesk is currently the world leader in providing news and information on digital currencies and the blockchain technology.
This well know Blockchain Blog, Coindesk covers all the aspects of Bitcoin ranging from, but not restricted to, current trends, price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies, companies, and people who are a part of the virtual currency world.It is an independent publication and its reporters are scattered across the globe.

Coindesk ensures that the news reflected on the site is fair and accurate. Any information posted on the site is first confirmed and validated from other sources.

2. The LTB network

The LTB network stands for ‘Lets Talk Bitcoin’ network. It allows content developers a platform to voice their thoughts and opinions on cryptocurrency.

Any ideas about the companies and people involved with the blockchain and digital currency can be shared on the LTB Network through articles, podcasts, and discussion forums. It encourages contribution by rewarding contributors with LTBCoin tokens which can be used in as digital currency.

It also hosts a variety of forums which include General Discussion forum, Listeners lounge, Metacoin central and much more.

Founded by Adam Levine, this famous blockchain blog, LTB Network has a wide range of contributors and sees a continuous internet traffic of inquisitive viewers looking for information.

3. Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin magazine is by far the oldest source of information on Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology.

Bitcoin magazine kicked off its operations back in 2012 covering news and expert commentary on the digital currency industry.

This popular blockchain blog not only covers informative articles but also publishes research and analysis on the subject.

The major viewers of Bitcoin Magazine consist of entrepreneurs, investors, journalists, government officials and financial professionals.

Many mainstream publications like Bloomberg, Forbes, Business Insider, Times Magazine etc rely on Bitcoin Magazine for latest news and trends of Blockchain technology.

4. Brave New Coin

Brave New Coin is an Australia-based popular blockchain blog and predominantly covers market data and digital assets.

Brave new Coin boasts of a high-powered data engine that tracks every exchange across the globe for providing quick and real-time push notifications.

The publications of Brave New Coin include reports, research papers and financial data that support decision making and application building.

All in all, the core mission of Brave new coin is to deliver comprehensive blockchain solutions that suit the needs of its customer base.

5. CryptoCoinsNews

CyptoCoinsNews is widely known as CCN. It covers a wide range of publications and has something for everyone looking up on cryptocurrency.

This blockchain news site covers not only publishes the trending and latest fin tech news but also covers a section with comments from experts.

Interviews with the major decision makers and thought leaders are also published regularly in CCN. CCN was founded in 2013 and is part of PF Wetting, a company registered in Oslo, Norway.

6. NewsBTC

News BTC was founded with the mission of education and informing the masses and the classes about the virtual currency.

NewsBTC acknowledges the fact that Bitcoin has grown into an ecosystem by itself. It simply aims at introducing its readers to the working and the happening of the digital currency ecosystem.

It publishes news articles and research information covering the various innovations in the market of cryptocurrencies. Many financial publications like CNN, TechCrunch, Business

Many financial publications like CNN, TechCrunch, Business Insider, and Forbes have regularly relied upon and quoted information published in NewsBTC

7. Ripple Insights

Ripple is the latest and trendiest startup that is currently emerging in the Blockchain space. It has been successful in raising over 38 million US dollars from venture capitalists. Andreessen Horowitz, CME Group are some of the primary investors in Ripple Insights.

The company has won many awards and accolades for its technological contributions to the financial sector. Many banks and financial institutions are able to clear and settle transactions in real-time through a distributed network.

Many financial services firm use the Ripple payments network and protocol and is also being tested by a number of banks around the world.

It is a block chain related blog which regularly delivers company updates and also provides insights on the blockchain space and how the blockchain technology has changed the financial services industry.

8. MoneyBeat

With the digital currency creating waves all over the globe, it was not long before Wall Street Journal got in the foray.

MoneyBeat is the Wall Street Journal’s answer to covering the Blockchain space and cryptocurrencies. MoneyBeat provides daily analysis and news stories about the financial world.

The Bitcoin and blockchain section of MoneyBeat is covered by Paul Vigna, a financial reporter with expertise in Blockchain technology.

Vigna has also co-authored a publication ‘The Age of Cryptocurrency’ which explores the world of BitCoin and Digital Currencies

9. FT Alphaville

FT Alphaville is a segment of Financial Times. It hosts free daily news and commentary services.

The core components of FT Alphaville include news and commentary, morning briefing notes section, Markets Live and The Long Room. Izabella Kaminska, a financial journalist, heads the ‘Bitcoinmania’ section of FT Alphaville.

10. Bank Innovation

Bank Innovation maintains an oversight over the content from high-quality contributors regularly. It has been voted as one of the top banking blogs by The Financial Brand consecutive in 2012 and 2013.

It was launched in 2009 and is produced by Royal Media.

Royal Media is a well-reputed media company that has been covering the financial industry for more than two decades.

Bank Innovation provides it users up to date information ranging from blockchain, FinTech Slack channels and the future of cryptocurrencies.


Here we covered top 10 blockchain blogs to follow if you are a blockchain enthusiast.These blogs will keep you updated with lots of updates on blockchain technology and blockchain news today.Give your valuable feedback and comment about the best blockchain blogs to follow in the comment section below.

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